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Thread: Jessica Dawley accuses John Lee of PayPal chargeback scam

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    Jessica Dawley accuses John Lee of PayPal chargeback scam

    One tried-and-true scam which has existed for years in the poker community involves PayPal chargebacks.

    It goes as follows:

    1) Scammer asks victim to trade cash for PayPal. Sometimes there is extra money involved in the offer, such as "$1100 PayPal for $1000 cash", in order to entice the victim to do it.

    2) Scammer offers to send the PayPal money first, and does so.

    3) Victim sees the money has been received at their PayPal account, and gives the scammer cash.

    4) A week later, scammer calls PayPal, claims it was a fraudulent charge, and PayPal reverses it.

    Unfortunately, this is more effective than you might think. You can call PayPal and complain, and they might close the scammer's account, but they will rarely refund your money. This is because there is no protection built into the "friends and family" (no fee) transfers, so PayPal doesn't give a shit. In fact, PayPal usually defers to the scammer's bank for guidance. If the scammer claims "fraud" to his bank, and the bank believes him (which they usually do without much investigation), the bank labels it as fraud, and PayPal trusts that determination.

    Presumably, this is because the bank actually takes the money from PayPal, so the only way they can recover it is to take it from either the scammer or the victim. If the scammer's account is empty (which is almost always is), they take it from the victim.

    Anyway, this allegedly happened recently, as poker pro Jessica Dawley claims that fairly unknown player John Lee pulled this scam on her.

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    Here is John Lee:

    Here is Jessica Dawley:

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    paypal is aids unless using it for trusted transactions , don't get scammed.

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    Since your talking about Jessica Dawley.

    She is 36 years old. I guess you could say she looks good for her age but this is usually when most women's looks start to go downhill. Jessica knows how to exploit herself to receive a poker sponsorship (888) which allows her to travel and recklessly spend money.

    I heard that a few years ago she hooked up with sugar daddy Dan Shak.

    Did she fuck him? Yes, I'm sure she did plus Dan probably gave her a bunch of cash too.

    Before that Dan Shak was fucking Lauren Kling, who is now 33 years old. Lauren then quit poker to fuck a young chef from New York who she brainwashed with dreams of herself opening her own restaurant.

    Women in poker...Fucking Crazy Whores!!!

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    Dawley was an Air Force Spook as I recall.. I wouldn't screw with her if I was somebody she could very well still have connections to really fuck somebodys life up royally if she wanted to. Hell one of my friends from HS is a BG on Pentagon staff and deep into the intel game wouldn't surprise me if she ends up being Commander of CyberCom before she retires shes only 48 now and has 23 yrs in made Col in 19yrs which is almost unheard of for somebody who didn't go to Colorado Springs (AF Academy) and BG in 22yrs.. SO yeah shes a fast mover.. Shes also the poster child for Brainiac Lesbians in the Military.. We always kinda suspected but she had to keep it on the DL until Obama cleared the DADT shit and she was able to legally marry her long time partner who isn't military.. Shes been commander of Counter Intel Ops at Wright Patterson and before the Pentagon was working as a TF lead in Afghanistan along with our favorite Alphabet Agencies DIA, CIA and NSA... Her brother was one of my best friends in HS and was killed in a car accident 2 months before we graduated I took it fairly hard so we've remained close friends ever since..
    Rule #1 in EMS: One way or another the bleeding will eventually stop..

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