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Thread: Death of Greyhounds = Florida's Next Poker Boom?

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    Death of Greyhounds = Florida's Next Poker Boom?

    In 2018, Floridians voted to end greyhound racing in 2020. This year the dog tracks in the state are phasing out their racing -- putting the dogs up for adoption while personnel associated with the racing side of the tracks find new employment. Tracks now find themselves with huge tracts of land which they need to re-purpose. This includes the track and infield, grandstands, and oversized parking lots. One track, Naples-Ft Myers Greyhound Track, has announced plans to build a new facility with a 30,000 sqft gaming room to accommodate a larger poker room (their current room has 28 poker tables) and more carnival games (these are the player-backed games like 3-card poker, war, Caribbean stud poker, pai gow poker, etc. of which they currently have 9 tables). If tracks opt to expand their poker operations, as opposed to simply selling their excess land, will this spark another poker boom here in Florida?

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    Interesting, good post.

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    Interesting subject/question.

    My gut says no as far as a “boom”. Most defend already play.

    As you already said the land sale as the tracks downsize.

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