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Thread: New Ignition Rewards Program HYPED as an Improvement CHEATS you on Conversion Rate and More!

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    New Ignition Rewards Program HYPED as an Improvement CHEATS you on Conversion Rate and More!

    As we all know who have played poker on Ignition or Bovada throughout the years their poker points rate is a joke. At one point a few years back it was equal to 3% in rakeback that could be used towards entering tournaments only but they sliced that in half to 1.5% for a few years.

    For a week they were hyping up a new, improved rewards system that would be launching on February 11th (yesterday) and they ripped me off on a conversion rate of 30% less value of buying the tickets before in the points to ticket system. Not only that if you but if you buy poker tickets now it costs you double the amount now.

    I'll use an example with $100 worth of poker points (20,000) I get converted on this new BS model to $70 worth in Ignition Miles (100,000 at their conversion rate) that I can turn around converting to cash with the catch of play some bullshit 10x rolllover casino games or the best I can get is a $30+3 ticket and a $3+.30 ticket for 99000 points.

    So in other words I had $100 worth of poker tickets I could have converted to THREE $30+3 tickets prior to this change and now I can get one $30+3 with some crappy $3+.30 ticket ($99 versus $36.30) with a few points left over so you do the math.

    Some new, improved program eh?

    I called support and first guy was a little too nice claiming he's heard about this issue and will get back in touch in a few hours. Like the standard with many of these sites they never get back to you on time so I call up again after not hearing back and get some rude asshole on the phone who refused for 10 minutes to put me on with a supervisor. He claimed this was the first he heard of this problem but I could tell with his responses that isn't the case.

    Finally the rude guy puts a supervisor on the phone and after I broke down the math conversion along with how they mislead people with their emails/tweets about this program being improved he basically told me sorry nothing we can do but we appreciate all feedback and always listen to make changes. Yeah right that is why your poker client still is from the stone age with horrible stability issues.

    These guys are crooks and this is worse then the Pokerstars points program conversion right after Black Friday that many people have have left up to $10 on the table due the the amount minimums you could convert points to that they got to keep. I know they changed the rate later on and this was a rare case of an unplanned issue with the DOJ stepping in here so Ignition is way worse knowing they are cheating people with what they had, yet misleading us to believe we would at least see the same value , if not more.

    I kept telling them I would have converted the points to tickets prior to this change but had faith they would at least be worth the same thing given the emails only to be cheated badly.

    The example I use it's around there on the points I had but I know people who have tons more who are pissed. You just know the standard rec isn't going to give a damn here either just letting them take their points away because they aren't in the know.

    Ignition no longer posts their phone number on the website and encourages people to do live chat but it still works. Bovada's phone number was taken off their website but put back on. I think Bovada cares a hell of a lot more to keep their phone number available due to the fact they have sports bettors who want to call in.

    Ignition Phone #: 1-855-370-0600

    Bovada Phone #: 1-888-263-0000

    If you had a lot of points I suggest you look into this. The rate they gave me for Ignition Miles was 30% less in value compared to converting points to tickets prior to this change and the rate is nearly double to get tickets so in other words if you have $70 in miles you can use that for 10x rollover casino games hoping to clear it or you can buy around $36.30 worth of tickets based on my example.

    A shady company already gets more shady. Hopefully their is a way to get someone with some pull to pick up on a story like this because that is ridiculous, especially when they sent out misleading emails/messages like this:

    First Tweet:

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    Actually my conversion rate is even worse.

    My "Ignition Miles" laughably convert as one dollar per 2,000 "miles".

    So even with 100,000 miles, I get a whopping $50.

    It sounds like you're getting $70 somehow?

    So you're saying that if I convert them, I can only use it as a casino bonus? It's not a 1x rollover poker cash game bonus?

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    I don't think you can use the miles cash conversion for Poker except for buying tournament tickets.

    What can I redeem my Ignition Miles for?
    Redeem your Ignition Miles for cash bonuses, which can be used in our Casino, and Poker Tournament Tickets. Keep checking for any new bonuses on offer.

    What is the rollover on the cash bonuses purchased with Ignition Miles?
    The Rollover is 10x Casino.
    I have a higher tier status on Bovada than Ignition and it didn't matter until now I just liked keeping my poker bankroll separate from sports but since you can use those miles on Bovada for sports and I get a higher rate over there I guess RIP Iggy forever to me. I have some mtt tickets I won there to use up then I'm just going to call it quits and play on Bovada only.

    For them to tell me this is an improved system is completely insane. I even said to both guys I talked to on the phone "If I have $100 that I could have used for tickets that now has a value of less than $37 how is that better?"

    I doubt he could figure it out or wanted to deal with me because he knows I'm right.

    BTW the $70 number is what I got in miles that was worth around 100 with the poker points. It's a little less than that but not much, however, if I had exactly 20k in points tha would have got me around $70 at the conversion rate but that again is only for casino access so if I want MTTs it's about $37 that I can buy with it at the miles rate for the tickets.

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