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Thread: "Multi-Millionaire" Chris Matters scams poker player out of $20,000

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    "Multi-Millionaire" Chris Matters scams poker player out of $20,000

    FB post attached.

    This Chris Matters is a reg of the MGM National Harbor/MD Live area and has claimed another victim. This time I saw this post on my friend and poker pro Jody Fayant's FB page. I made a few calls and it seems as if this guy owes money in a few sportsbetting circles. He usually has some big claims of money earnerd/tied up in escrow from Real Estate investments or deals that are closing.

    Beware folks.
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    Can you please post some more details about this?

    I don't like leaving unsubstantiated scam claims up here.

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    Seems like op is currently active on 4 with almost 3k posts over past ~8 years and hasn't made any similar accusations.

    Maybe it's someone else, but whole thing seems fishy.

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