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    Ignition poker

    I deposited money for the first time on Saturday night. I just wanted to play some tournaments. So they gave me a $100 signup bonus good only in the casino but the play thru requirement was 50x LOL. Waiting for a tournament I binked $100 playing in the casino. Went back to play poker and
    My balance was zero. All I had left was the $100 bonus that can be used
    Only In the casino on slots or table games. I opened up one of their slots, set
    It to auto play and ran it up to $1300 before dropping down to $500 and meeting the play thru requirements.

    Monday night I opened up a Let It Ride table. I was only betting $3 per hand. About the 5th hand
    Dealt I hit a straight flush. It paid me 10% of
    The progressive for $1600 and my three $3 bets paid 200-1 for another $1800.

    Requested a cash out yesterday afternoon via bitcoin. Got a confirmation email this morning and 5
    Minutes later it was transferred to my blockchain account. Very impressed at how easy and fast it was
    To cash out.
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    told ya ...

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    Ignition is great with the payouts, as is Bovada. Always have been.

    Regarding clearing the bonuses in the casino, there's an optimal way of doing so. Anyone who wants to know can PM me.

    Keep in mind they are very sensitive about bonus abuse, which constitutes depositing multiple times for the purpose of getting bonuses, and then getting lucky and running one of them up and cashing out. A ring of advantage players hit Bovada for hundreds of thousands of dollars a few years ago doing this, so they're very sensitive to the whole thing. They will shut down any accounts seen doing this, and refuse to pay them.

    Your situation was fine. You got one bonus and got lucky enough to run it to $500, then you actually played in the casino and risked real money after that, and ran it up more.

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