Well letís begin with the room, what I had was a standard rooms With 2 queens, the beds were comfortable definitely on the soft side. The room was small and freshly remodeled with the typical construction done in a Las Vegas casino. The whole building/rooms/casino is the same as the Monte Carlo before the remodel. The casino still sucks, terrible odds in the pits (I didnít play read the tables) and I didnít see anyone winning on slots. The best part is CVS next door and Aria poker room a couple minute walk past CVS. In prospective though I think itís a half mile walk from the actual rooms to aria poker room.

Eataly is a gem if youíve never been to one. We have one near by in Chicago so I knew what to expect and the inflated prices. The wife and I ate at the restaurant our bill was about 50$ for a bowl of pasta and a pizza. The pasta was homemade but the serving size compared to price was terrible. Itís literally 1 to 1 1/2 cup of pasta which is one serving but itís also 30 cents in noodles not worth 28$. The pizza was about as close as the states can get to traditional Venice pizza. Overall I wasnít happy with quantity but quality was as good as its going to get. Other then the restaurant I passed on all the smaller restaurants the prices were outrageous, 15$ for a slice of pizza and 38$ for a pound of candy, 28$ for the cheese tray. Just giving an idea of pricing, Iíd say check it out if youíve never been to an eataly.

There is a bar juniper that turns into a pretty decent half club, half lounge around 11 or midnight. That was cool the DJís were decent.

Overall the Park has nothing that makes me want to stay here again. Anything I wanted to do was a walk or Uber. Thereís nothing to eat at the casino since they removed the food court, and everything is at NYNY or Aria, they have a Korean BBQ place that doesnít open till 5 pm and was closed when we got back to the room every night but 1. I wonít stay at another casino without a poker room on-site, it was a hassle to walk to the poker rooms in the am or late night after taking my wife to the room.