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Thread: suited Queens at Borgata

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    suited Queens at Borgata

    Hearing stories that at the Borgata WPO $2M opening event last week, player tabled suited QQ (both spades). Details are sketchy; apparently not just a dealer error; an arrest was made (not the player with QQ). Anybody have more info??

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    I'd love to know more about this.

    Is there discussion anywhere on the web?

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    it was sooted though

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRANKRIZZO View Post
    it was sooted though
    I would have played it to show down,

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    I googled , couldn't find anything.

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    Got a little more info from someone that was there. Culprit was the player with QQ; he attempted to fold so no one would see hand, but was forced to show (all-in perhaps?) what was a winning hand. He was detained for a few hours while cameras were checked; was evicted and banned. Still doesn't make much sense ?? Since tournament had 5100 runners, someone must know more ??

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