I'm already giving credit to Newsom for winning reelection as California governor in 2022, because.... well, who are we kidding? This is California.

So buckle up, we have to deal with him for 8 years.

Newsom has replaced another liberal Democrat governor, Jerry Brown.

However, Jerry Brown wasn't your typical Democrat. He had his own ideas and marched to his own drum. He frequently pissed off his own party, given his fiscal restraint and overruling of parole board decisions.

Newsom is no Jerry Brown. Instead, he's probably going to out-liberal the already leftist California state legislature, aggressively pushing for radical changes to fit his agenda.

Here's one just announced: Gavin Newsom wants to take away gasoline tax revenue from cities which don't meet state affordable housing goals.

On the surface, this might sound good to you. Who doesn't like affordable housing?

But what this really means is that cities, including small ones, are required to make room for new construction of low-income housing, regardless of the type of area it is, or what they have to destroy to create room for it.

Did you work hard to earn and save enough money to move your kids to a safe suburb, away from the most of the violent criminal element?

Well, guess what? Now Gavin Newsom wants to move the violent criminal element right into your new neighborhood!

Why? Because... well, affordable housing or something.

Since Newsom cannot force cities to erect low-income housing, he is choosing to punish them by taking away a critical source of funding (the gasoline tax revenue), leaving these cities unable to pay for basics such as road repairs.

Boy do I hate this guy.