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Thread: Bernard Tapie+Full Tilt=Disaster Waiting to Happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupid Stunt View Post

    Full Tilt Poker/Groupe Bernard Tapie Deal Finalization Could Be Imminent

    According to various sources, the deal between the embattled online poker site Full Tilt Poker and its supposed savior, the French investment firm Groupe Bernard Tapie, is set to be finalized, potentially as early as tomorrow.

    The noted gaming magazine eGaming Review has stated that the deal between the two companies should be completed within the next week or two, but another outlet is predicting an even faster completion. The online site Gaming Intelligence has reported that the deal may be completed as early as tomorrow. In their analysis, Gaming Intelligence states that “Tapie and the owners of Full Tilt…extended their deadline for completion of the deal to this Friday (March 16)…sources on both sides are confident that the deadline will be met.”

    I just hope that Tapie doesn't fuck it all up.

    We shall see...
    Quote Originally Posted by RealTalk View Post
    Lol at the amount of effort that druff's friends have to exert trying to do an internet podcast without offending him.

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    Something I wrote on my blog about three weeks ago that seems pretty applicable to the recent news:

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    Ol' Bernie ha da good 9.5 your run after this thread.....
    He had a Phat life. no complaints.

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