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Thread: PP Poker: Individuals running "clubs" on an app where they hold all the money -- what could go wrong? (Adnan Mohammad scam)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Someone hacked Adnan's voicemail and showed that he has debts as low as $90.


    Has Adnon responded to this anywhere?

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    He was not happy getting called out on Twitter and always says the Haters never talk to him in person. Need Todd and a squad of PFA's finest soldiers to video tape a chat with him about coming on Radio to clear his name. He's asking for Haters to approach him at the RIO, so prove it on video he won't discuss the scams in the open. Clearly forgot its Pride Month, LOL

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    YouTube video was deleted at Adnan's demand, but most of it has been reposted on the 6/14/2019 episode of PokerFraudAlert Radio. Segment starts approximately at the 3:55:00 mark.

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