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Thread: RIP Thor Hansen

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    RIP Thor Hansen

    Thor Hansen, also known as "The Godfather of Norwegian Poker", died yesterday. He was 71.

    Hansen is credited with popularizing poker in Norway.

    He had 2 bracelets, but none since 2002.

    His death was not a surprise. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year.

    Here's a Pokerstars Blog article about him, written about an hour ago:

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    Considering most of us don't go in this forum very much, I think it is ok to have a similar thread in Flying Stupidity. Anyways, I am pretty sure I said this before in a thread years ago when his cancer was announced, but years ago I used to play 20-40 and 30-60 stud at Commerce and whenever the tourneys were in town he would play in the stud games when he wasn't playing a tourney. Generally nice guy with a good sense of humor, but he was not the best loser in the world. He would get kind of moody and rude when he was stuck and steaming. Cindy Violette was another "name" tourney player who would play in the Stud games during tourneys that I remember.

    I remember back in those days (not even that long ago, maybe 10 years ago) on a hopping Friday night there would be three 30-60 and two 20-40 stud games (and two or three 100-200 stud games, although those were out of my league). Now it is down to one or two 20-40 stud games, and the 30-60 and 100-200 games are completely gone (I dont play in the games anymore FWIW). It is pretty amazing how much stud has disappeared in such a short time, and a lot of it is the regulars (especially the fish) literally dying and not being replaced by younger players.

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