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Thread: MGM and MLB create gaming partnership

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    The references to data ...

    You know what I would do in a heartbeat if I was MGM. Broadcast the true live feed with the live betting window in the right hand corner.

    If MGM is the only book offering the feed they win. It’s over. MGM just crushed MLB wagering. We are paying for the MLB package anyway. Offer the true undelayed feed through the MGM app.

    1% integrity fee? My proposal actually offers value to the punter.

    Question: How do the natives in the little grass huts get the best feed?

    Interesting times we live in.

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    Really interesting.

    I would watch the MGM line closely. If it seems to move in a funny way, or if it defies the other lines around town, then you know which way to bet.

    Clearly MGM thinks it is getting some value out of the "analytics" it will be getting.

    I wonder which other casinos will jump on board with MLB with this, as the deal is "non-exclusive".

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