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Thread: Extreme Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zap_the_Fractions_Giraffe View Post
    you say ugly but nobody on the right wing is as good looking as AOC. i'd like to stick my tongue up her asshole
    Boebert's kind of cute to look at. I wouldn't participate in any sort of sexual act with either of the two. Not even for the clout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mission146 View Post

    All life will end and, effectively, the only thing left will be nothing.

    Of course, all of us here will be nothing long before that.

    Embrace the peace that comes from eventual non-existence. Who would ever want to exist for eternity anyway? Sounds absolutely dreadful.
    Ye, and come hither my children as I deliver unto your wretched souls my Prophecy of Indivinity:

    "But, Mission," the idiots ask, "How is there peace in knowing you will become nothing? How is this peace experienced if you've already acknowledged that you won't exist?"

    (Being idiots, they probably don't ask the question THAT well.)

    "Nay, idiot," I intone, "The peace comes prior to the death. The peace is in the knowing."

    That was almost a good question!

    I guess I have to admit that it's not really, "Knowing," but rather, I am a believer in something else totally different from what the Christians believe. I can't know. In fact, unlike the Christians, I can never even hypothetically come to know because, if I am right, then I will die without ever knowing I was right. I accept that.

    Of course, I am perfectly willing to admit that I might be wrong. Some Christians cannot, depending on whatever interpretation of The Bible that the idiot they listen to and whose views they adopt...because they are weak-minded followers...chooses to go with. Some would have it that to even question HIS existence is inherently sinful, don't you know?

    The peace comes from occasionally closing one's eyes and reflecting on the time that they will be no more. The world will go on without me. I also have the good fortune of not being a particularly notable person, so it should only be a century...century and a half...before nobody remains who will know that I ever existed in the first place.

    The suffering of others will end, from my perspective, because I won't have a perspective due to my non-existence.

    There will be no more pointless Internet bickering, which is done mostly with idiots.

    There will be no more bromidic acts of politeness and courtesy that I do irl...out of some really stupid moral code that I can't even justify...because there will be no me to be polite to others.

    There will be no more deceptive smiles in acknowledgement of these polite acts I have done...deceptive because the person doing the smiling, if pressed, would be forced to admit that I could drop dead right in front of them and they would have no reason to care in the slightest.

    There will be no more stupid money or any need for it, because I will not exist.

    There will be no more need for showy acts of kindness and generosity to people who I probably wouldn't like to begin with if only I got to know them well enough.

    There will be no more dystopian hell scape where one is pitted against another for no reason aside from opinion...often a cult based on faith on the right and a cult based on hyperbole on the left.

    And, eventually, there will be nothing left of any of this entirely. I will not live to see that, but that is a blessing in itself, because I will get to beat so many others and so many things to non-existence.

    That is where I find my peace. I guess we're not so different, in some ways.

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    Lal advised the Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins (Current Prime Minister of NZ) for 3 years as a member of the Minister's advisory group. Lal has sat on Amnesty International's Youth Task Force. Lal has served as a Global Youth Leader for Open Government Partnership. In 2019, Lal was selected by Jenny Salesa to represent Manukau East in the New Zealand Youth Parliament.Outside being an activist, Lal is a model signed with Unique Management.

    Lal is a Young Justice Leader for New York University Center on International Cooperation. Young Justice Leaders are a group of young people brought together to influence the 2023 SDG Summit. The group is composed of change makers who bring expertise on people-centered justice systems.

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