Saw part of the thread on Druffs other forum but then read something specifically on WOV that summarily explains a couple of court cases which the casinos lost and the Judges actually ruled not only were the Casino's misapplying the Trespass statute but in fact the law was possibly UnConstitutional and violated a much earlier NRS statute.. If your interested (and Id be interested to hear Druffs take on the link below as well and not sure if Legal Eagle and Sponser Eric Benzamoken could chime in as this is respective of NV law and not CA.. Long and short is legal ruling claims Security cant Trespass as they dont qualify as an owner or resident of a property (they maybe agents but the law is rather specific regarding Ejecting somebody making them subject to trespass and the most recent case involved the SLS and Strat I believe.. There was even a case that made it to the Nevada Supreme Court which also lead to a legal loss for the Casino in question.. (the other two were criminal cases appealed and ended up exonerating the defendants in both cases). Of course Casinos dont want this information out Im guessing.. But the trespass rule they attempt to use cant be applied as private property as they are in fact public accomodations and gaming institutions which are not covered under private property rights laws..