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Thread: Sportsbook Owner “5Dimes Tony” William Sean Creighton Found Dead in Costa Rica

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    Sportsbook Owner “5Dimes Tony” William Sean Creighton Found Dead in Costa Rica

    Holy shit:

    William Sean Creighton, a 43-year old American known as one of the three most important sportsbook operators in Costa Rica, disappeared on September 24th at about 10:00PM, as he was leaving work. His wife, a Tica, reported him missing the following day, and the Costa Rican police began investigating the case as a possible kidnapping for ransom. The OIJ, however, reported that no one had received a request for payment of ransom, and declined further comment.

    At the time of his disappearance, Creighton was driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and had no bodyguards accompanying him. He was apparently forced off the road, abducted at gunpoint, and his Porsche was found abandoned, crashed into the gate of a private property near Guapiles. Diario Extra reported that Creighton was abducted by four men, two on a motorcycle, and two in a BMW, and taken via taxi to another location as a kidnapping.

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