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Thread: New Twitter scuffle featuring Lex Veldhius and Danny Negreanu over PS and the rake

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    New Twitter scuffle featuring Lex Veldhius and Danny Negreanu over PS and the rake

    No they aren't fighting with each other that would be funnier.. Lex tweeted out about his recent meetings with Pokerstars which lead to a response from a follower in reference to the ongoing issue of the rake PS that also Tagged DNegs.. Subsequently Lex responded simply the person had a "unique" sense of humor.. It sorta snowballed from there with various people pipping up including DNegs..The hammer came down ironically when the original tweeter made a comment which was perfectly awesome that Lex and DNegs shilling about higher rake being better amounted to a direct conflict of interest because they were getting money from PS under contract thus any endorsements made about PS policies were obviously bias..

    One of Dnegs nuthuggers pipped up essentially endorsing the asinine policy that it helped bring in new people.. When lets face it the only real purpose of the higher rake is for PS/Amaya to squeeze as much blood out of the stones of the players as possible.. Its not about fairness its not about creating a better environment its about the greed of PS being no different then the Big Casinos.. We want your money and we want to pretend were giving you a fair shot but truth is in the end we want all the deposits coming in and not having to give any money to anybody by making the rake unwinnable.. The idiot fish don't give a shit they expect to pay to play so to speak and lose their money as recs. (which obviously the Dneg Nuthugger was one of them)
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