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Thread: Veganism and the Jewish Dietary Laws

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    Veganism and the Jewish Dietary Laws

    In view of the importance of the dietary laws to Judaism, some might wonder if there is a danger of Jews making a religion of veganism, becoming, in effect, more vegan than Jewish. Fortunately, we don't have an "either/or" situation here, either Judaism or veganism. Jewish vegetarians and vegans are not placing so-called vegetarian/vegan values over Torah principles. They are arguing that it is basic Jewish values and teachings (to guard our health, act with compassion to animals, share with hungry people, protect the environment, conserve resources, and seek and pursue peace) that point strongly to veganism, especially in view of the very negative effects of animal-centered diets and agriculture. Far from rejecting Judaism, they are challenging Jews to live up to Judaism's highest teachings and values

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