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Thread: Iovation (whose CEO was responsible for UB cheating) to hold "Interview with Senior Law Enforcement" webinar

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    Iovation (whose CEO was responsible for UB cheating) to hold "Interview with Senior Law Enforcement" webinar

    We often think of fraud as primarily a business problem, but in some cases, law enforcement steps in to prosecute serious criminals. Here at iovation, we have seen our fraud data help convict cybercriminals. But there are also larger issues to consider.

    Where do your fraud losses go? Is there a fraud ring looking to make a nice profit, or are they funding something larger? Is the information gained from one entity part of a plan to profit from another?

    Join us as we interview Andy McDonald, former Senior Investigating Officer at New Scotland Yard, to gain his insights into how law enforcement combats fraud and other illicit finance operations.

    Topics will include:

    • Traits of a typical fraudster
    • Tactics that law enforcement use to track fraud
    • What the next generation of fraud looks like
    • How fraud can finance organized crime and terrorism
    I suggest they should have CEO Greg Pierson there for the "traits of a typical fraudster". He can share his own tactics and experiences from cheating players on UB.

    It takes place on October 23 at 11am PDT.

    I think registration is free:

    Maybe we should show up there and troll it about UB cheating stuff. Not sure if it's interactive or not.

    Maybe Greg's wife can also take part, and give a bonus segment on how to bang 16-year-olds and get away with it.

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    Please someone show up and troll these clowns, just the fact they are allowed to do this kind of thing when there is so much evidence to their guilt is truly disgusting. It's a MAAAD WORLD ...

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