Believe it or not, some obnoxious app developers do NOT want you jailbreaking your phone, and will quietly prevent their apps from working with jailbroken phones.

Usually you won't get a message when this happens. The app simply won't work -- either crashing, failing to connect to their server, or some other catastrophic failure.

Why do they do this? Some apps -- especially games -- fear cheating by players, and cheating is easier to do with jailbroken phones. It's a stupid reason to disable the app from working, but that's what some of them do.

Fortunately, there's a way to suppress this detection. Here's how:

1) Add as a Source on Cydia

2) Search for "Liberty". Download/install the Liberty app (NOT Liberty Lite).

3) After your iPhone resprings, go into Settings, and scroll down to Liberty, then click it. Turn on the "Enable Liberty" switch. Then go to both "Block Jailbreak Detection" and "Block Cydia Substrate", and turn them on for all apps where jailbroken devices are restricted. If you aren't having problems with an app, you don't need to bother turning this on for that app.

That's it!

If for some reason Liberty doesn't work for your iOS version, then download Liberty Lite instead, which is a pared down version of Liberty.