Welcome to PokerFraudAlert!

For the most part, I'm going to let this forum run itself, but there are a few rules you need to know, especially if you've come from another site where the rules might be a bit different.

Two forums,"Flying Stupidity" (this one) and "The Bathroom Wall" have lax rules, and are generally lightly moderated.

However, the rest of the forums here are "serious business", where trolling or garbage are never allowed.

I will try to be mostly "hands off" with moderating those forums (especially The Bathroom Wall), but I don't want to see any of the following:

1) Pornography or "shock pictures"
2) People who are here only to ruin the forum with trolling or constant negativity
3) People who "take over" the forum by posting too many messages/threads or pick fights with everyone
4) People who are here to repeatedly hassle me personally or disrupt the forum. However, you ARE allowed to criticize or insult me, provided it doesn't it isn't obsessive or constant. You don't have to like me or be nice to me, but at least respect that I run this site as a hobby, so don't make it miserable for me.
5) Personal information. Don't post phone numbers, addresses, or workplace information. Also don't post anyone's full name or picture if they haven't made it public. Definitely do not post any information about anyone's family members, including pictures, names, or anything else about them.
6) Threats of violence of any kind.

Posting nude/semi-nude pictures is allowed only within spoiler tags. To use spoiler tags, type [spoiler][/spoiler] and put the picture in between the two tags.

Basically, I want you to have fun and be yourself, but I don't want this turning into an immature cespool of shock pictures and juvenile trolling.

There will not be any moderators here. I am the only moderator for this forum. Please bring any issues to me personally. If you see any posts that violate the rules, please click the button in the green bar immediately below the offending post.

Spamming and Link-Posting Rules

Blatant spam is never allowed. If you register an account here just to spam (even if you think it's relevant to poker or subjects we're discussing), you will be banned and your posts will be deleted.

You are allowed to advertise your own business or personal website in your "signature" here, but you must make at least 5 quality posts on this forum before this will be allowed. This means you can't just show up here, add "I agree" to a random thread, and add a link to your signature. You will be banned if you do that. You are also allowed to advertise your business or personal website in your avatar, but the 5 quality posts rule still applies.

You are allowed to post links to articles/stories on your own site, provided they are relevant to the topic being discussed. You are also welcome to create new threads with links to articles on your own site, provided that such a thread would be of interest to the general public here.

You are NOT allowed to create threads or make posts advertising any commercial services, even if you think they are relevant to topics being discussed here. If you wish to advertise, please contact us (see the bottom of this post) for rates.

Banned Users

While I do not ban many users here, those banned have been removed for a reason. Therefore, you are NOT allowed to post messages on their behalf or post any communications from them. If you wish to pass a message from a banned user along to me, please do so via private message. However, you are also NOT allowed to use the private messaging system to pass along messages from banned users to any other user here besides me.

Personal Information

As stated earlier, do NOT post "personal information" of users here. This includes a members' full name, picture, phone number, address, workplace information, or family member information (including pictures). The member's full name and picture CAN be posted if they have made it public on their own. However, do NOT post someone's full name gratuitously just to make that post show up for a google search of that member's name.

Reputation System

On the green bar at the bottom of each post, you are able to give "reputation" to users (either positive or negative), based upon whether you liked or disliked their post. You are encouraged to use this, but you are not allowed to give negative reputation to users simply because you don't like them. You need to actually give the reputation based upon the merit of the post itself. Furthermore, you are not allowed to "revenge rep" other users who have given you negative points in the past. Again, you are only allowed to give posters negative reputation for a legitimate reason related to that specific post.

Staking/Escrowing/Contest/Prop Betting Rules

1) You may not escrow funds for any contest or tournament run on PFA. All escrowing MUST be done by me.

2) You may not run any sort of stake or BAP through this site, unless I give you explicit permission to do so. This includes both publicly and privately. From this point forward, no one is allowed to use this site, whether publicly or privately, to secure stakes/BAP UNLESS I GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO SO. If someone approaches you for this, please tell me immediately via PM.

3) You may hold your own contests and award your own prizes, but if the total prize pool exceeds $200, it must be escrowed with me first, unless I give you permission to do otherwise. For example, let's say you hold a contest to guess Romney's VP pick. If you are awarding $100 to the winner, you don't need to send me the $100 first. If you are awarding $200 or more, you do need to send it to me first. This will prevent the "DJ Chaps situation" that occurred on DD when peterdc offered a prize and then was outed as a scammer before Chaps could redeem it. In the event that you are awarding a non-monetary prize, you will need to clear it with me first, and possibly give me a "deposit" that guarantees you will be actually awarding the prize.

4) Prop bets between users (such as betting each other on the winner of an upcoming sporting event) are not allowed without my permission.

I am taking the above rules VERY SERIOUSLY and will ban/suspend people who break them.


Due to an influx spammers on our blog system, I have made some changes.

- Users that have been registered for 0-5 days will not have their blogs show up until I approve them.

- Users that have been registered for more than 5 days will have normal access to posting blogs instantly.

If you are a new user and want your blog moderation turned off (and don't want to wait the 5 days), PM me and I will manually remove the restriction.

These restrictions only apply to the blogs, NOT the forum.

Bugs and Suggestions

Make sure to let me know about any bugs or ease-of-use flaws. Basically, if anything pisses you off about using this forum, I want to know about it. I'm aiming to please the majority, not myself.

You can either PM to me, or post them in the Bugs & Suggestions forum.

Want to Sponsor This Site?

If you would like to become a sponsor here (either on the forum, the radio show, or both), please PM me, or send me a message through this form.

If you would like to donate money to be used as prizes in freeroll tournaments, please contact me in the same manner (PM or e-mail). You have my promise that 100% of your donation will go toward freeroll prizes.