Many streaming sites around the web have geographic areas blocked.

There are two services I found which are best for dodging this.

One is called Unlocator, and one is called SmartDNSproxy.



These are commercial services but they will let you sign up with no credit card for a free trial.

Unlocator gives you 7 days, SmartDNSproxy gives you 14 days.

If you keep repeatedly signing up for trials, they may ban your IP, but you can always change your IP (I may post a tutorial on this later) and then you can sign up again. Or just pay for them!

You must follow the setup procedures they outline for your device, in order for it to work.

Unlocator tends to be more straightforward with just working, while SmartDNSproxy sometimes requires extra configuration.

If you do use SmartDNSproxy, you will probably need to go to their configuration page. From there, simply scroll down and see which site/channel you want to fake your location, and then set the dropdown to correspond with the country you're supposed to be in. For example, if you want to watch MLB, you need to be set to Germany mode. Not sure why Germany, but that's how they have it. So you would scroll down to Region D and select Germany from the dropdown. It's simpler than it sounds, trust me.

Not sure how well this works for Netflix outside the US.