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Thread: Woman charged in Las Vegas with theft of $1Million from poker magazine

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    Woman charged in Las Vegas with theft of $1Million from poker magazine

    Woman charged in Las Vegas with theft of $1M from poker magazine

    The Shulman's were clueless for 7 years and fucking deserved to get robbed.

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    So she used crowdfunding sites to launder the money she stole...and now has a gofundme for her bail...lmao

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    Anna’s former employer is stating the she embezzed from the company the entire 5 years that she worked there.

    The charges against her are so over the top it’s absurd. Without giving too much detail, they reported to police that every dime she made there over a base $37k/year salary was fraudulent and unauthorized. Anna had worked for 2 law firms in CA in the capacity as a controller/ Accountant before this employer. She was bonded in both CA and NV.

    This is vindictive retaliation and I am fully motivated to defend Anna and punish the individuals responsible for inflicting this type of harm to her and our family.

    But I need help. This is entertainment to her accusers and they have deep pockets. My initial goal is to cover her bail bond and to provide a retainer to a defense attorney.

    I don’t know when or what the end scenario is for this situation, but I refuse to allow a couple of rich assholes use the criminal justice system to cause harm and provide themselves entertainment.

    Currently Anna can do nothing but sit in jail here in Hawaii. 2 separate attorneys have informed me that I can’t even get a hearing for bail reduction or to throw the case out until she is moved to Nevada. Best case scenario right now is she sits in jail for another 35 days or so because Nevada decides to not come pick her up.
    Personally, I hope this speeds up and we get a chance in court. I personally am looking forward to ripping a Metro detective’s lazy investigative skills apart and calling out some professional liars in front of a judge.

    Also included in her gofundme is this image of a graph which seems to imply that she thinks she should of been making way more than 37k a

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    stupid lazy and cheap

    a small business owner needs to hand sign every check and open the mail personally, not doing that is stupid

    a lot of work but it will reduce significantly the risk of employee fraud

    and only paying $37.5k for a full charge bookkeeper with check signing authority--cheaper than a Scot Hebrew
    (long before there was a PFA i had my Grenade & Crossbones avatar at DD)

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    This is not even uncommon.

    It's amazing how many lazy small business owners hand over the reigns of the business to some random person who they trust with all the money.

    Then the company gets looted and they don't realize it until the company is busto.

    How can someone have such little oversight with their own business?

    Here was one from the area where I lived in the '90s:

    The Comedy and Magic Club was a very popular place, often featuring big-name headliners of the day who would use the place to test new material. I remember I went and saw Jay Leno and Michael Richards (pre N-bomb) when both were super hot commodities.

    Anyway, they also went busto because of one woman embezzling.

    But back to this one....

    I assume that this embezzlement was part of the reason Barry Shulman was selling his gaudy condo.

    Anyway, fuck them. They ran Lock ads for a long time after being made aware it was a scam. They just didn't give a shit and kept taking the ad money. Lock stole from players, gave some of it to Cardplayer, of which some of that was stolen by this woman. The circle of fraud!

      JohnCommode: Amen. Lock promoters deserve this kind of fate.

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    Who would use a Head Hunting service for a $37K a year job?

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