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Thread: Well known poker personality allows an inappropriate fake story on his forum

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    Well known poker personality allows an inappropriate fake story on his forum

    2plus2 thread is hilarious.

    This has to be Tyde

    From hognoot

    Todd has always been shady. The way he nickel dimes everyone, and is willing to actually get people fired over 50 cents (low wager fast food workers, for example) makes him a bad person.

    He says that he never scams anyone, yet on his radio show he scams businesses by calling them up and wasting their time in a fake voice, as he creates false issues, robbing companies of their manpower, all for the benefit of his show.

    Now he says that having a forum poster pay 8K in entrees for Todd to this year WSOP, during which time the poster was perpetrating a cancer death hoax, didn't impact his judgment. He claims he would have sold out the stake anyways, yet also states that it did save him a bunch of time and aggravation, by only having to deal with one person. So, he values his own time, yet nobody else's, then discounts that time and says that it has no value, and therefore not a scam.

    The guy claims to live in Los Angeles, yet at the WSOP he is listed as being from Nevada. Nevada doesn't have state income tax. Maybe he lists Nevada, and maybe he lists California on his tax returns. Who knows? But the guy is willing to spend 20 hours on issues involving essentially 50 cents. All for the principle of the thing.

    He delivered his own knockout punch here, though, with his rationalizations. He even went so far as to get cute with his words, stating that he did not know that the cancer and death hoax threads were going up, implying that had he had known, he would have stopped it. Such lies. He calls others out for far far less. There were posters on his site who spend over 10 hours (conservative) looking up cancer info and trying to does not care...not a scam in his opinion. The guy who claimed cancer even called up a poster on the site who had cancer before, faked like he was his own brother, then put the guy through the ringer telling him that the cancer hoaxer was now dead. Start to finish, the hoax lasted many months. costing at least hundreds of hours of people's time. No big deal. Not a scam.

    Todd claims that people not put his name in threads, as to avoid coming up in Google searches, yet that is his exact M.O. when he has an issue with anyone.

    He constantly lets people know that he runs his site at a loss, as if he is doing the posters on the forum a favor, yet the reason he does it is strictly for ego gratification. Those same posters are the one's he despises, not the ones he is running a "charity" forum for. He does it all for one reason, his misplaced ego.

    And of course, the one and only poster on the whole site, who has ever given Todd a significant amount of money, by buying at least 8K worth of buyins to this years WSOP, and also putting up thousands of free roll money through the years, is also the one guy who Todd scams the forum with, by going along with the cancer hoax and fake death. I mean, the guy admits he knew the cancer was a hoax, yet he let it go on for months, robbing posters of their time, and playing with their emotions. Yet somehow it was not a scam. Next year, if the scam hadn't been uncovered, Todd likely gets staked again. But it didn't alter his judgment. Whatever.

    Money and ego are his religion He admits to being a "cheap Jew" constantly, which is similar to black people calling themselves the n word....just feeding into stereotypes.

    The cancer hoaxer stated before his "death" that he would give a 10K freeroll to the site. The guy is supposedly a millionaire. Of course, now that the hoax has been uncovered, what does the hoaxer do? Tells the forum that he donated 5K to some Boys and Girls club in Hollywood, California. No problem at all with wasting hundreds, if not thousands of collective hours of people's time with the cancer hoax. They get nothing. When the gig is finally up, Todd claims extreme bad health as the main reason for people to not pile on. Oh, and that it was not malicious....yeah right. People's time and emotions have no value to Todd...therefore...not a scam...can't you see?

    Todd's defense here, makes him ineligible, to further hunt down frauds or comment on anyone concerning scams, ethics, or anything. Imagine if Mason and Sklansky got together with 2+2's biggest advertiser and allowed a multi month death hoax to go on. You cannot even imagine it. But what if when they were caught, they claimed that the advertising dollars played no role in the matter, as they would have been able to sell the advertising anyways.

    Todd blew it. The emperor has no clothes. Too late to backtrack now. Too many lies, too many white lies and half truths. Not a good guy, especially when it comes to honest hard working people in low wages jobs. He shows no mercy to anyone in those situations, where he feels slighted in the least. Hour upon hour about crying over why subway won't let him get tomatoes on the side. Calling managers when lowly workers make honest mistakes. It is over. Pull the plug on that scam site.

    Even Mason is now involved!

      duped_samaritan: Thread about a thread rep

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    In regards to scams on 2 plus 2 they allowed lock poker to advertise for months and months it was known that lock wasn't paying its players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRANKRIZZO View Post
    In regards to scams on 2 plus 2 they allowed lock poker to advertise for months and months it was known that lock wasn't paying its players.
    Yeah but the site isn't called 2 plus 2 FRAUD alert.

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