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Thread: Men "The Master" Nguyen Wreaks Havoc on Way to WPT Gardens Final Table

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    Men "The Master" Nguyen Wreaks Havoc on Way to WPT Gardens Final Table

    He is up to his old tricks again.... How in the hell is this guy the chip leader?

    They cut him off from drinking beer, and then he started falling asleep at the table in between hands. LOL

    Full story here:

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    "He eventually went for a walk with some friends to wake himself up, and after 25 minutes of absence from the final table where first place gets $565,055 and a new Mercedes-Benz, Nguyen returned much more alert, apparently feeling like 'Superman.'"

    Sounds like his friends gave him some meth to wake his ass up. I wonder if Men is a methy, or if his friends just realized how much money is at stake, and this is the only way he'll be able to complete the final table. Nice that it had him feeling like superman though. I hope he wins, seems like a good guy.

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    Might be one of the most retarded hand history recaps I have seen in my life:

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    Andrew Crookstone raises to 80,000 from under the gun, and Timothy Domboski calls in middle position.

    Tony Ruberto calls in the small blind, and the action is on Men Nguyen (pictured) in the big blind.

    “Wait one sec,” says Nguyen before he takes a shot of tequila.

    The table laughs, and Nguyen peeks down at his hole cards, and then announces he is all in for roughly 2,500,000.

    Crookstone, Domboski, and Ruberto all fold, and Crookstone asks to see his cards.

    “I show if you buy me drink,” states Nguyen.

    “OK, I will,” responds Crookstone.

    Nguyen stands up and slams down his AhQc.

    “Oh baby, it’s that easy to get some Patron,” Nguyen adds.

    As Nguyen rakes in the pot and the next hand begins, a loud scream of “Cocktails!” follows.

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    Red bull gives u wings men

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