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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 07/14/2018 - Four Kings

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    Druff & Friends Show - 07/14/2018 - Four Kings

    Announcing epic heads up match with Druff which may result in a $1000 freeroll for the community (topic starts at 0:35:35 mark). Druff gives more details about his escape from a stuck Rio elevator (0:46:20). Druff airballs $3k limit holdem, finishes 2018 WSOP with surprisingly bad limit holdem results (0:59:10). Massive thunderstorm knocks out power to Rio, pauses Main Event on Day 5 (1:19:17). WSOP Main Event deep run makes new female poker star out of Kelly Minkin (1:31:30)? Eric Froehlich, who finished 1st to Druff's 3rd both's first-ever WSOP event, comes near Main Event final table (1:56:10). Epic KK/KK/AA/TT hand breaks WSOP Main Event final table bubble (2:14:05). Joe Cada makes WSOP Main Event final table for second time in 10 years (2:33:58). Hellmuth wins 15th bracelet after ugly controversy involving televised hand (2:40:16). Couple has loud fight in Rio hotel room next to Druff regarding Donald Trump (3:15:30). Update on Druff's problematic players card situation downtown (3:31:07). Rio has removed all "Do Not Disturb" signs and replaced them with "Room Occupied" (3:50:20). Ticket service scammer Ali Fazeli takes plea deal, admits to scamming poker pros out of over $6 million (4:05:04). John Hennigan, Mori Eskandani elected to Poker Hall of Fame (4:29:30). Druff vents about people leaving the forum by posting his personal info in order to get banned (4:39:16). Charles Oakley arrested for cheating during blackjack game at Cosmopolitan (5:12:59). tradershly co-hosts for the first half of the show.

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