A warning to WSOP players who might be considering using the new "takeout window" at El Burro Borracho (Guy Fieri's restaurant) at the Rio:

The prices may seem cheap compared to the sit-down area of the restaurant, but that's because you get substantially less food.

Earlier in the WSOP, I ordered 3 tacos from there, and they skimped on the meat big time. Like, they barely had any meat in them. I ordered them a second time, exact same thing. The staff there was very cagey about it when I attempted to ask if you get the same portion as in the restaurant, and the menu does NOT indicate there's any portion difference.

I ate in the restaurant with tradershky a few days later. HUGE difference in portion. I'd say I got about 2.5-3x the meat in the tacos, plus it came with rice and beans. (I didn't measure, but that's my ballpark estimate. It's a staggering difference.)

So you either pay $20 for 3 full, generous-portioned tacos WITH rice and beans in the restaurant, or you pay $9 for three super skimpy tacos with almost no meat.

Amazingly, the $20 in the restaurant is a better deal.

They also refuse to give the local's discount at the window, claiming you're "already getting it so cheap" (lol).

They also upcharge you at the window for things such as extra salsa, which they do NOT do in the restaurant.

This whole thing is kinda scammy, because the menu at the window makes NO indication that you will get a substantially smaller portion.

I would suggest avoiding the takeout window. You'll be very disappointed.