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    Jeffrey Sandusky

    Can anybody here explain to me why Jeffrey Sandusky isn't in custody in Pennsylvania? He was sentenced in December to 3.5-7 years. State prison sentences almost always start immediately or very soon after. There is no reason he wouldn't be in prison now. Somebody please help me out with this. I know one day somebody smarter than me will explain to me why he isn't in prison.

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    I donít know. It seems he was at times being held. The docket sheets for PA are at aopc. Is he out? I see he had a PBPP date sometime earlier this year. Itís strange. I can usually tell if someone is still in custody in PA. Iíve often referenced it when trying to hook up with old friends. Theyíre not answering, let me check aopc. I legit canít tell though. He was at one time a prison guard. That coupled with his name and sexual offense history might mean heís being held at some facility thatís unsearchable as to not make him a target. Or he got some type of time-served quick probation. Itís state prison, not federal. Sometimes 20% is PBPP time with the right attorney and connections. Iíd still guess heís in some type of state prison for sexual offenders/mental health. There are a few facilities in PA that fit that bill.

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