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Thread: Boris Becker declared bankrupt

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    Boris Becker declared bankrupt

    Tennis champion and team partypoker member declared bankrupt last year is now claiming diplomatic immunity from his debts.

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    I just googled him and here's a new story fr Jul 20th. It's a pretty thorough breakdown of his current situation. Idk i just assumed he had a gambling related problem but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Hint: Women are the rake, he may be a scumbag or the victim of a gold digger idk.
    Now, as his second marriage ends, he is once again experiencing financial worries — though he is pulling every possible stunt to wriggle away from it, including getting a diplomatic passport from the Central African Republic.

    This gives him diplomatic immunity, and will protect him from attempts to make him repay money he allegedly owes.

    I have learned that this matter is due in court again next week, and that the judge in his bankruptcy case will be asking for further proof that Boris has diplomatic immunity because of a humanitarian mission.
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