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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 06/21/2018 - It's Curtains For You!

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    Druff & Friends Show - 06/21/2018 - It's Curtains For You!

    Druff suffers 4-out heartbreak at WSOP Mixed Omaha event, and runs into dilemma regarding firing second bullet (topic starts at 0:35:20 mark). Druff runs deep in WSOP $1500 NL event (0:59:12). Arthur McFarland, owner of WSOP School of Poker, scammed students, instructors, and the WSOP itself (1:24:13). Michael Mizrachi wins $50k Poker Players Championship event for the third time, but was he needled by Jack Effel during the bracelet ceremony (1:48:00). Doyle Brunson to retire from poker (2:04:04). Player celebrates winning Colossus before all cards are dealt, ends up losing hand (2:18:50). tradershky cashes in $1500 Limit Holdem (2:26:08). Did WSOP attempt to steal the Aria High Roller action, but fail (2:31:28)? attempts to verify Druff's identity by asking where he lived in a year before he was born (2:38:37). Druff does battle with his hotel in the quest for a shower curtain (2:47:53). Druff encounters incredible resistance when trying to downgrade his room (3:23:18). Druff challenges Rio's assertion that tax is owed on comp rooms, researches laws on matter (3:39:03). Frustrated by high per-slice pizza prices at hotel, Druff comes up with an idea to get them cheaper (3:59:28). What happens at an MGM property if you forget your player's club card when trying to exit the parking lot (4:04:17)? Mandalay Bay has massive flood in hotel (4:15:00). Pokerstars fails to screen out very racist screen name (4:19:26). Did Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknel collude when down to final 3 players in MSPT $5k event (4:22:46)? Global Poker can't take PayPal anymore (4:46:47). "Armenian Mike" shoots obnoxious angle on Live At The Bike (4:58:56). How is Nicholas Palma still getting staked after ripping off prior backers (5:14:25)? tradershky co-hosts for part of the show.

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