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Thread: Meet the people who still use Myspace

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    Meet the people who still use Myspace

      rum dick: You literally win the internet with this thread. I can't even. Just amazing.
      jacosta24: Lol

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    What have England football fans got to do with this

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    Master Scalir is in the pic

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    The Skalinator now owns Great Britian! Next, he’ll be having tea with the Queen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tellafriend View Post
    There is only one scumbag here:


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    Ken Scalir is a fucking boss. First he hacked game shows and recently he has been hacking the press.

    I will kiss Scalir’s pasty white derrière if he pitched or wrote the concept for the article. Didn’t he also miraculously find himself interviewed or featured regarding Coachella? Admire the man’s craft.

    Druff portrays Master Scalir as a hapless oddball. Instead, Druff years ago might have recognized Scalir’s considerable talent and harnessed it to grow his little PFA operation.

    What would Scalir have charged Druff for a paid PFA mention in an article about defunct social media?

    Scalir is the last magnificent and had Druff regarded Scalir as we do Time Warner might be the current owner of PFA.

    This is how you operate life at a small loss gentlemen.

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    Ken Scalir’s Coachella article title

    Coachella 2018: Meet the guy you’ll see in the front row at the festival

    Ken Scalir’s MySpace article title


    A little formulaic. Perhaps the title is part of the recipe that gets this stuff printed. When I used the term “hack” I meant it in a good way obviously.

    I am fascinated like everyone else in how people game the system for good or evil. It’s what brought me here in the first place.

    I profusely apologize Ken if I am calling attention to you before the long con payoff which might be...

    Meet the people who still are members of PokerFraudAlert

      rum dick: I want to believe
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    Only 9 people still using Myspace?
    Businesses that make money by collecting & selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveillance companies." Their rebranding as "social media" is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herbertstemple View Post
    Only 9 people still using Myspace?
    Druff merges with MySpace and he doubles active users

      herbertstemple: Makes sense, 9 seemed silly.

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    found it strange that this was from a Luxembourg news (?) site, but its just re-printed from the Guardian.
    @CursedDiamonds on twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowe Diddly View Post
    found it strange that this was from a Luxembourg news (?) site, but its just re-printed from the Guardian.
    The comments in the Guardian...”this gave me the creeps” “what is he saying to these women?!” Lol

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    Ken needs to start his own PR firm already.

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    "Almost every day, Kenneth Scalir takes a trip to the library or a cyber cafe near his home in Sherman Oaks, California, to spend about an hour on his favourite site: Myspace.

    Scalir, 48, is one of a dwindling group of people still committed to what was once the most popular social networking platform in the world, with more than 100 million users at its peak. While most people have long abandoned Myspace in favour of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, Scalir roams the digital graveyard searching for signs of life.

    Myspace is such a huge part of my life. I’ve met new people I otherwise wouldn’t have met and learned about new fashions and bands,” said Scalir, who goes by KROQ Ken online because of his love for the alternative rock radio station."

    Edwina laughed and then damn near cried when I read her this. She said and I quote, "He sounds like the lamest LA person ever. Poor guy". She legit feels bad for Ken. I was able to somewhat cheer her up by pointing out at least he's getting "new" fashion tips from friggin MySpace. But Ken Scalir did just inadvertently cock block me by depressing the literal fuck out of my chick.

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    “When I didnt have a girlfriend or lovers, at least I had myspace.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyde
    you're more consumed with accumulating wealth than achieving spiritual enlightenment

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    This thread needs more love. That article is peak level absurdity.

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    I am so stupid that I read the title of the thread but couldn't come up with the obvious answer of "Ken Scalir, of course" before I opened up the thread. Ken seems always willing to stand alone, a true one of a kind. He needs to be on the radio show more often. I even actually miss that loud obnoxious woman who always yelled at him.

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