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Thread: More Angles At Live At The Bike

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    More Angles At Live At The Bike

    first harry pulls some shady shit, now that scumbag mike...

    jesus Christ why the fuck would you ever play with these assholes? they're obvious fish, but to put up with this shit...gimmie a break...

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    The floor is retarded tho too, just enforce the fucking obv rule ...

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    Armenian Mike obvious angle and got caught .

    Druff still holds record for eating complete meals in a 4 hour broadcast . Oddly enough Armenian Mike is 2nd .

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    throw the challenge flag on that one

    "Donk down, thatís what you say to someone after they have lost 28K straight?" - Phil Hellmuth, online

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    Quote Originally Posted by sah_24 View Post
    The floor is retarded tho too, just enforce the fucking obv rule ...
    pretty much ...that guy should be shitcanned...

    guessing good ol' mikey is a bit of a pit degen so the floor doesn't want to piss off a valuable customer...

      sah_24: Ya hes def a degen and im sure net + for the casino, but this was redic ... and ya that floor guy should def be fired

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    The producer should not be playing on the show. But Ryan Feldman can't help himself, he is just another greedy Jew.

    The floorman was looking after his bottom line. Side with the Jew who barely tips or the whale Armenian Mike who greases his pocket with tips. Easy decision.

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