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Thread: Is ACR Solvent?

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    fuck krypt
    wanna bet on that? you right wing white trash piece of shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by big dick View Post
    wanna bet on that? you right wing white trash piece of shit
    Sure you libtard downie ...

      big dick: shit for brains
      thesparten: Offset... Big dick is a tranny and his wife is a punching bag, sodomy taking bitch for rent.

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    Only seems logically we need to get Big Dick and Sah to Vegas for the WSOP and get them over to the UFC Gym for a cage match to resolve this liberal asswipe vs Trumpite grudge match once and for all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sah_24 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by chinamaniac View Post
    They have not paid affiliates for March and these payments usually come in the first 2 weeks of April

    So this leads me to believe something more than DDOS is going on
    Ya it seems pretty obv they are busto at this point. Just matter of time now, like Lock ... luls
    Every affiliate I know has been paid now

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    yeah think things are back to normal now...everything client wise has been good this week, no shutdowns...

    I mentioned I requested a check earlier in the thread, got it within 24 hours...also had a couple BTC cashouts this week...first went through in like 36 hours and the second went through in around 24...

    so yeah it was looking like real fucking shit about a week ago, but even when it seems like ACR is gonna implode on itself they end up coming through...

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    figured id post another cashout story here...just withdrew via BTC a decent amount and it just hit my wallet in 8 hours...

    not posting this as an all clear, deposit every dollar you have on ACR, but their cashouts still seem to be processing rather quickly even after all the bullshit...

    think these DDOS attacks are just a reminder that it's fine to play on ACR, but know that whatever money you have on the site is at risk at any don't treat the site as a bank...with BTC and a shitton of other alts available for withdrawal (up to 5 per week) there is no reason to keep anything other than your playable bankroll on the site...

    is ACR the best run site on the planet? fuck no...however I don't think that they're out to outright scam people out of their money...

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    Acr is sooo dirty and Soo many underhanded things going on that there not even capable of making micro adjustment so that 2+2 can take there money and have the smallest amount of plausable

    What a joke..

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