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Thread: GookieHeimowitz Cultural Video

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      FPS_Russia: Trippy vid

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    I found this while looking at the above cited video. FPS, this is for you:

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    You weren't born a Jew, you converted to Judaism?

    Oddly enough I found a Rabbi that's somewhat interesting, he's like farrakhan just interesting to listen to now n then.
    Starting at 19 min interesting story about Obama cutting off arms to Israel while in a battle and then Kissinger etc good story... He's like Pierce, he's positive that Muslims and or Arabs will kill whoever they live among and he believes the biggest threat to Israel is Liberalism, he's right too.

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    are asian hasidic jews on top of the Intellectual food chain?

    the dude knows 3 from 1.

    real talk, do not be a hasid unless you can grow a full beard
    Quote Originally Posted by bottomset_69 View Post
    Johnny Manziel will be the 1st pick in the draft. I truly believe not only will Johnny Manziel be rookie of the year, quite possibly he will be MVP as his style will shock defensive coordinators. Manziel may only be 6 feet tall, but he has size 15 feet. And he has HUGE hands. I know some NFL scouts so I know what I am talking about.

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