We have yet another mentally unstable creep prying into members' real lives because they got their feelings hurt on the internet and can't hang.

So to summarize, user splitthis has:

1. Tracked down the real name, address, and criminal history of an anonymous PFA member.

2. Made demands of that member, threatening to drive to her house if not compliant.

3. Continued digging into this member's extended family, months after she had fled the forums, and tormenting her for having sick relatives.

And posted this personal information (including photos and documents) on the forum, I think? It has since been deleted. I suspect it was splitthis, but Druff could confirm.

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Dan Druff's memory of all this is a little hazy.

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In splitthis' case, she's also a longtime member of this community, and has no history of harassing or threatening people in real life.

For some confounding reason, nothing was ever done about this and Kilgore Trout was successfully intimidated off the site. Now other members are getting the same threatening messages regarding their personal lives, in the same creepy ominous tone as the threats levied at Kilgore Trout.

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besides the personal threats, if druff took even a brief look at split's history of throwing around neg reps from posts YEARS ago...

it's just fucking creepy, and i've gotten plenty of emails from her with threats

like SS, i don't honestly care about internet points, but when someone will go back and neg posts from years ago, that kinda shows a lewfather type of stalking that should be addressed
I'm getting the same treatment, but I won't be intimidated into doing anything. This is the 3rd person to have threatened my real life on PFA, and to Druff's credit, the other two were banished. But I'm concerned that this time he has a soft spot for the perpetrator. Druff has even joked about split's actions with silly reaction pics and remarks like:

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If I were a girl, I would probably be afraid of splitthis.
At least I hope that was meant to be humorous. Either way, it's kind of a disturbing response to a "I know where you live and I'm about to drive to your fucking house" thread.

Todd, I troll you a lot and probably give you too hard a time about trivial forum moderation stuff. But I think you've made a big mistake here and need to correct this.

If anyone else is getting their family or jobs threatened and don't feel comfortable coming forward, feel free to PM me.