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Thread: Tam Nyguyen is a shill

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    Tam Nyguyen is a shill

    This is the guy who heavily promoted Jao Poker.

    He is now jumping the Jao ship and jumping on another new soon-to-be-labeled failed poker site

    Crypto poker club.

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    LOL @ the 1/3 less bad beats comment he makes.

    This guy continues to put peoples money in jeopardy by promoting these sites that are highly likely to scam people and run off with their money.

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    You could easily have 1/3 fewer bad beats by rigging the game.

    Just a thought.

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    Did anybody notice some irony about when this site is going live.. hmmmm..

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    Tam Nguyen has 127 subscribers on YouTube. If all of his subscribers sign up how much $ will he actually get by putting in his code? Did he post this on April 1st? As for the site and rake back, up to 50% , why not reduce the rake % and just call it a day? Why go through all the trouble? I wish poker stars would just say F it and say they are open to all of the world and we don't care about your laws.

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