This was brought to my attention today.

Behold, the Diamond Spade Club Facebook page:

Here's their website, which is pretty much just a login page:

Diamond Spade Club is apparently run by Alain Vogel and Carl Pion. I haven't heard of either of them.

It's supposed to be a high-end VIP club, based out of Miami, aimed at rich poker players.

However, here's what RealGrinders (Facebook group) member Jonny Ferrari said about them today:


Ok guys I know everyone is aware of the poker criminal Carl Pion whom ripped off many poker pros (over 10 reached out to me). But don't forget the rat-faced scum that keeps saying "dm me if problem with Carl". Alain Vogel and his scam "company" diamond spade. It's going to fail anyway.

Common sense 101: if Alain Vogel was successful or legitimate in any way he would not be having con-men seek investors for a concept that everyone is to "prepay" $10,000 for a fake membership for, for fake events that will never happen.

Even with misusing the images of two pros his scam page has a mere 44 likes. No one here is stupid to fall for his nor Carl Pion's scams farther.

But if anyone asks about "Diamond Spade" scam, send them to me and in turn the 12-14 victims already out of pocket.

He tried to talk shit about me (nice try my legitimate business has been running since 2005) today to Gavin Smith and ol' G told him point blank his "business model" is retarded. R.I.P con-men schemes!
Here is a Ripoff Report page on the situation (created today):

Presumably Jonny Ferrari is the one who created the above Ripoff Report, so keep that in mind.

Andy Ansicar on RealGrinders said, "Carl scammed me out of 10k."

Apparently Daniel Cates and Patrik Antonius have been talked into being ambassadors for Diamond Spade Club. I'm guessing they know little about the guys they're representing:

Here's an odd article from Alain Vogel on LinkedIn, entitled "What Sevices Do Wealthy People Expect?":

Reportedly they are soliciting investment money from people. with promises regarding a bunch of great events coming up. Memberships to the club are said to cost $10,000. I haven't seen proof of this, but my gut instinct is to believe it.