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Thread: PS dealer chat different than hand outcome. Anyone else experience this? Is this important?

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    PS dealer chat different than hand outcome. Anyone else experience this? Is this important?

    So I'm playing a PLO $3 Spin and Go. I have Tc 3h 4h Ad. Board comes As Kd Jc Ks 8c. I lose the hand legitimately, but the dealer chat says the opponent wins with Aces and Kings (which he had) and I lost with Aces and Jacks (which I hadn't). Obviously, I lost with Aces and Kings also. The opponent actually won with a Jack kicker (he had Ac Js 6d 3s).

    SOOOO, the question is what can we say about dealer chat?

    I posed this to PS live chat where upon they proceeded to research the wrong hand. Then, they said I lost the hand (which was not my point), and then said that live chat could not help with chat logs and that they would forward it to them and email me a response.

    The "chat people" emailed me 30 minutes later and replied "Regarding your report of an incorrect summary being given, we were unable to confirm that."

    Is there a veracity problem here when there is misdirection and PS themselves can't see what their chat reported? Combine this with the live chat misdirection and is PS trying to obfuscate anytime someone has an issue?

    I attempted to take a cut and paste of the chat at the time. When I couldn't, I tried to screenshot, but the chat reset when a player was eliminated. AND THIS IS WHAT BOTHERS ME EVEN MORE, PS should know that chat can't be copied and that the chat resets when a player is eliminated. And yet, they try to tell me to do that when I have a problem! And then they can't go back to the chat themselves?!!

    Is there any need to be concerned about the chat reporting a hand outcome incorrectly? Is there any need to be concerned about the live chat misdirection?

    OBTW, please don't respond to the hands, especially if you don't understand PLO. And yes, I kept a log of the PS live chat and I have a copy of the email.

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    Its only an issue if it had awarded the hand incorrectly which it didn't.. I agree its a bit weird but boils down Villian had AsKs J kicker you had AsKs10 kicker.. Hell for a minute even I was confused thinking villan had AsJs because technically he could have due to the 2 card rule in Omaha.. Havent played on PS even for play money in awhile so cant say if chats got a bug in it or not.. My guess is it was a glitch... Was it just you 2 in the hand??

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    What's your set up during hand? I assume it wasn't mobile?


    Were you running any other software? Like tableninja, PT4, HEM or any other poker related software.

    If you weren't running any other software (which I doubt) why were you paying such close attention to the dealer chat?

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