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Thread: Las Vegas hotel resort fees increase in 2018

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    Las Vegas hotel resort fees increase in 2018

    Here's a full list of resort fees in 2018, including the increases seen at most hotels:

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    I received this reply from Lauren at Very helpful and informative. I'll give her suggestions a try this summer when I'm in Vegas for the WSOP.

    I would recommend disputing the charge with VISA every single time you see a resort fee. These fees are definitely illegal according to Nevada's Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The reason they continue is that the hotel and gambling lobbies pay off the politicians to not enforce the law. Here is a piece of mine on that:

    I do not think the hotel could ban you from the property. I certainly have never seen that happen and increasingly people are disputing these fees. Now in Las Vegas they are at $45. That is true and total deception and I do not believe anyone should ever pay these fees. Disputing the charge with your credit card company should not matter depending on the state. All states should be equally easy. I know from personal experience that I had no problem getting my charge reversed from a hotel in Florida (which is how I got into all of this killing resort fees to begin with!)

    Thank you for sharing my website with others. It means a lot

    In other news, every time you stay at a hotel with deceptive resort fees make sure to file a complaint with these government agencies. Though they might be kind of slow to act (or taking lots of donations from hotels) it is still very important that consumers file official complaints as these complaints add up and it is a great way to track how people feel deceived in the USA/Nevada.

    Official consumer complaint forms:

    FTC - Scams and Ripoffs: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.go...#crnt&panel1-3


    - Lauren Wolfe

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