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Tentatively planning to do limit holdem tomorrow at 1.

Anyone gonna be there?
I am going to play. I played the $350 limit hold’em two weeks ago. Typical mix of 40/80 grinders and players who have no clue on how to play limit. I have to admit I did not play my best and finished in the middle of the pack. Gonna focus and redeem myself tomorrow.
Looked for you there at the $1100, didn't see you.

Anyway, I played the $1100.

Got sat to the direct right of an Asian maniac named Sean Yu, who was basically 3-betting constantly with garbage, and also sometimes playing aggro post flop. Absolute worst person to have to your left. He came close to busting a few times, but kept rocketing back up.

Table in general was wild, and I was having trouble getting hands to hold up.

Starting stack was 15k, and I was above it only once. I lost something like 9 of my first 10 hands played, and was down to 1800, about to concede.

I flopped a set with my all-in hand, though, and tripled up. Then I won two more, and was up to 10800. After slipping down to about 8k, I won two more hands, and broke over "even" for the first time -- 15700.

Then I got pounded in a few hands (including a bad-beat AA one), and was down to about 2500. Then I got myself back to 13k or so.

However, then my AQss in the BB against a late position raiser flopped Qxx, but I was up against KK. So that hurt.

Then our table broke, I got moved directly to the right of Mark Gregorich, and I 3-bet him with KK. He had J9, and when the flop came QT8, we got it in, and that was that. I was short at that point, so there was no way to get away from the KK, though honestly when Gregorich check-raised me, I thought I was in trouble, as he's pretty tight postflop.

Sean Yu, the maniac from my first table, ended up going into the final table with an overwhleming lead, and ended up in a 3-way chop where he was given second place, according to his chip count. He got about $17k, the "winner" got about $19k, and third got about $16k.

I was dealt AA, and it lost to a river flush, where my opponent raised top-pair-and-a-flush-draw on the turn, and got the flush on the river.

I was dealt KK twice, once in that Gregorich hand (which busted me), and the other time it folded to my BB and I got a walk, which was one of the few walks given the entire time to anyone! Ugh.

Some other observations:

- It was a 1-rebuy tournament, which is weird for a limit event. Why? Because unlike NL, where you can bust on the first hand (and therefore it makes sense to rebuy), you usually don't bust in a limit event until starting stack would be considered "short". So why rebuy at full price at that point? Some people did, and none of them ended up cashing, to my knowledge. I couldn't bring myself to rebuy in an $1100 tournament where the top prize wasn't likely to be much over $2k!

- The tournament was 8-handed, which was nice. I wish more limit holdem events were like that. (Apparently the $350 was, as well.)

- A major FAIL occurred regarding the sweatshirts and hats they bought to give to players. Originally the plan was to give away either a sweatshirt or hat to each registered player. However, the order was screwed up. They didn't get enough of either, and even more laughably, the sweatshirts almost all came in sizes small and medium. If you've seen most Commerce players, those two sizes would never fit them (myself included!) The few large and XL sweatshirts disappeared very quickly, earlier in the series. For this reason, they decided to just completely cover up the fact that they ever had these sweatshirts and hats. However, if you "heard through the grapevine" about it, you could quietly go up to the desk and ask them for one. After I already busted, I heard about it in the cash area, so I went back up, asked for a hat, and Matt Savage surreptitiously gave me one. They were clearly hidden away, and Savage handed it to me in a manner to where it wouldn't be obvious to others that I was receiving a giveaway item. So strange!