I was going to make a new thread, but I saw this one and decided to to use it because it is clearly still relevant - especially the part about closing the loophole or glassing India.

If you can't tell, I'm pretty fucking pissed and at my end - probably like the rest of you.

Just like most of you, I'm getting bombarded by numerous robocalls from spoofed numbers. Today had to be one of the worse days in the last few weeks or so, as I received 14 calls. 7 of them were before 10am and out of that, 2 of those were even before 8am.

I just upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S9. Now, before I did this, with my older Android phone, solving the Robo issue wasn't quite as bad (and I use that term loosely) because, using the phones built in functions, I could block not only specific phone numbers but I could also block prefixes (area codes etc). With my new phone, I can block specific phone numbers, but there are NO wildcards you can enter anymore. This is absolute BULLSHIT. Why the fuck would they do this?!

I do NOT want to download some shitty 3rd party app to block prefixes or anything else, but im not even sure if I have any other options at this point.

I have researched and researched some of the talked about apps out there and have been disappointed for one reason or the other.

To clarify, on my previous phone, I could enter whatever specific number or wildcard number I wanted, and it would simply block the number from even ringing. PERIOD, END OF STORY. Yes, it might still go to voicemail, but at least it would not ring or even display a notification that a particular number has called. The only way I would even know one of those numbers tried to call, was if I accessed my call log. After reviewing several apps in the store, the built in Android function still seemed like the best option because the 3rd party apps would often still ring for at least a split second and/or you would still get annoying notifications that some fucktard called you.

So, I guess my question is, is there another solution via using Android functions on stopping this or is there some HOF app that actually does the job im asking for?

I just cannot believe that in 2019 we are dealing with this scourge and nobody seems to have a real solution and/or congress hasn't gotten their head out of their ass to force phone companies to authenticate phone calls. I mean, are you fucking kidding me??

It's 2019 and spoofing phone numbers is LITERALLY childs play. A kind of a "case in point". My son was able to # spoof me a couple of days ago using a free app from the google store that made crank calls. I mean, I have to hand it to him; he tried this shit on me quite a while ago and I told him right away I knew it was a spoofed call and "if he wants to try and prank me, he needs to step up his game". So yeah, I guess he basically took me up on that and what he did the other day was...i gotta say...not bad - not bad son.

Anyway, not to go off on a tangtent or anything but can anyone make any recommendations to an actual good app that will maybe solve my problem?