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Thread: Tragedy on Casino Shuttle Boat off the Coast of Tampa, Florida

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    Tragedy on Casino Shuttle Boat off the Coast of Tampa, Florida

    Island Lady Casino Shuttle bursts into flames on its way to the Tropical Breeze casino cruise ship. Woman dies. Various stories.

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    What a mess. 50 people jumped off and had to wade in waist-deep, 65-degree water to get to shore.

    Everyone was apparently very cold by the end.

    The death is weird... it sounds like the woman went home after this, got sick, and then went to the ER, where she died.

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    Apropos of absolutely nothing, which is my privilege...

    First, why are people going to a Casino boat when they have Mons Venus in Tampa?


    When I was a kid working for Tyco some idiot salesman (think Onestep) bid and sold a computerized fire alarm system on a casino ship that operated out of Miami.

    I haven’t thought about this for years.

    The panel was a brand new product and heavy on software. It was acting up and the worst case would be it false alarming in the middle of the ocean. I mean are we talking about life boats and coast guard evacuation?

    Looking back I realized I was a cocky kid with a bad attitude. Probably key reasons why Tyco sent ME down to Miami mid July.

    The owners of the ship are threatening to back charge lost Casino revenue and fines.

    I’m figuring I’ll crush this and milk my expense account on South Beach and Little Havana.

    The ship is docked and shut down by the coast guard until the system is fixed. Not a soul on the ship but me and my helper.

    The air conditioning is shut off and it’s Miami in the summer.. You would descend one floor after another into the ship looking at detectors, elevator recall and HVAC controls. There are no words to describe the insufferable heat and humidity in depths of the ship. Seeing all the empty gaming tables and locked up racks of chips in the silence was creepy & morally disturbing. I am seriously reviewing my future job prospects if I were to walk off the job and quit. Shear hell.

    Tyde must have had bad days with no ice cold AC too. Only I can truly imagine the hell.

    Not only was the new product suffering software problems but the stuff in the field was not doing well with the salt water environment. It was a clusterfuck. Everyone calling every five minutes with, “ are you close to solving this?” I shut off my phone claiming I didn’t have reception within the ship. I swore an oath to ruin the Onestep salesman’s career.

    I eventually got everything working but made a life promise to never vacation on the east coast of Florida.

    Little Havana for breakfast was top top though. I learned about plantains.
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