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Thread: What Is White/Male Privilege?

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    What Is White/Male Privilege?

    You can’t spend more than a few minutes in a feminist space without hearing people talk about privilege. And if you’re new to feminism, the concept can be overwhelming. What exactly does “privilege” mean? What does it look like in today’s society?

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    It means u cant be poor when u try to rape thai chicks

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    UH OH

    also you cant be sonatine

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    The reality of male privilege is well established. There is no question that being female carries a significant “life penalty” with it. There’s no denying that male privilege exists.

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    Karen is this true ?

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    Is this thread based or sarcasm or fantasy?

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    lol karen has taken dick every which way the #bigpicture is how are these thai nights flashing through ur mind

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    “Privilege” is a word you’ll hear often in social justice spaces, both offline and online.

    Some people understand the concept easily. Others – and I was like this – find the concept confusing and need a little more help.

    If you’re willing to learn about privilege, but you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

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    The origins of the term “privilege” can be traced back to the 1930s, when WEB DuBois wrote about the “psychological wage” that allowed whites to feel superior to black people.

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    Without income equality, there will never be racial equality.

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    White male privilege is what what so many on this board have benefited from.

    For instance white male privilege allowed Druff to win his WSOP. Had he been black he likely would have only won the pokerstars 20/180 tourney. If he was asian he likely would have won the main event. When he recognizes this he will be a better person.

      Dan Druff: lol
      JACKDANIELS: understands white privilege
      Daly: You should teach at a college

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    It means you are a terrible dancer and don't abandon your children.

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    Basically it means if you are white/male or worst of all a white male, anything you achieve or accomplish will be discredited by liberals from far and wide. The fear of this is why I have stayed low key and done nothing with my life

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    BLACKDANIELS killing it with the copypasta threads these days.

      JACKDANIELS: decenter your whiteness

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    kid essentially blacked out his early 2010s like dustin hoffman but ohhhhhhhhhhh hes loveable like he didnt rape 1.5 thai school aged broads and skatz was proud of him for escaping the meth cave scuter built around him and we still offer him support

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    were literally hollywood

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    also none of this happened he just only raped a 38 year old at a bar and we think hes gross cuz that was druffs age at the time but still we stay out here slandering

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    cuz really 38 year old thai women reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly jack

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