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Thread: 10 Things an Intersectional Feminist Should Ask on the First Date

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    10 Things an Intersectional Feminist Should Ask on the First Date

    The better question is how many of these 10 questions would you make it through before you'd walk out on the date.

    I think I'd be gone after #1.

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    That was a shocking read, it's almost like they're trolling but they're not. 46.5k shares I hope those are from people sharing for the lolz. I couldn't help but notice that Mr Cohen, the chief diversity officer of Comcast is also fr Philly.

    It's almost a guarantee that the public schools are filled with similar propaganda.

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    Arrogant, pseudo-intellectual who already knows everything. I'd never date such an abusive person.

    Underneath all that politically correct gibberish, is an abusive soul.
    Some need to put others down to make themselves greater, or more equal even.

    Sometimes I'm ashamed to admit I'm usually a leftist.

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      GambleBotsSatire: asking the tough questions

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    No question about whether I enjoy eating the V when my partner is on her period. How did that not make the list???
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I actually hope this [second impeachment] succeeds, because I want Trump put down politically like a sick, 14-year-old dog. ... I don't want him complicating the 2024 primary season. I just want him done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Were Republicans cowardly or unethical not to go along with [convicting Trump in the second impeachment Senate trial]? No. The smart move was to reject it.

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    really tho todger its about time you learned to decenter your whiteness

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    Hey guys, I got some good news.
    On their homepage they're offering these courses.
    Healing from Toxic Whiteness

    Learn why many white folks feel emotional resistance to addressing systemic racism and get the tools to free yourself from toxic whiteness to begin developing an anti-racist white identity.
    So as Trump's policies roll out, you know you want to be fighting alongside people of color. But you also know that you may feel frozen in place by the feelings of shock, confusion, denial, and guilt that many white people have been dealing.

    It's understandable for white people to have those feelings as they begin to notice we don't live in a post-racial society as we've been taught and how pervasive systemic racism actually is.

    You just don't want those feelings to stop you from taking action.

    This starts with not running away from the racism that exists both within yourself and your communities. Instead, it means acknowledging it and that is a painful process.

    Once you notice just how insidious and ingrained racism really is and how often you find yourself unintentionally upholding it it can feel like your whole worldview is being shaken.

    As you think about what you personally can do to address racism, you may find yourself wrestling with questions like...
    10 video modules, access to a private FB support group, amazing reviews and much more only $97. Guys I'll be back in a week a changed man, thanks for your support.

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    ALSO just so were sure jack are u so dumb you couldnt figure out decanter and u went with a word that didnt exist called decenter is this how you wanna be when jesus comes back kid

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    and i just googled decenter that shouldnt be a word and i dont like that u used it my point still stands

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    I could bullshit my way through and up to #5, but that's when I say I have to go to the bathroom and leave and have her pay for the meal/drinks.

      big dick: back to being a scumbag as usual

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    first of all theres no way young golem over here is ever invited to meals let alone ducking out of them like the broad thought she was paying

      big dick: never ever would a decent women take this pig out

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    If you don't like Donald J. Trump then Your GAY and DUMB!

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    Meh. Someone with that kind of worldview wouldn't really be in a spot to go on a date with a normal person, unless the normal person was mis-representing themselves, because fringe people generally don't interact outside their groups anyways. Unfortunately, these are the kind of people that inhabit and run the social science and humanity programs in most college campuses. So if you have a kid going to college unless they are in a STEM field you are paying $50,000k/yr for them to be spoon fed this garbage.

    I do find the solidarity with Islam interesting. It definitely shows a poor understanding of reality. Sounds like someone that needs a little vacation in ISIS held Syria to understand how compatible Islam and feminism are. Islamic countries represent something like 20% of the world, and none of them have any sort of feminist movements. I wonder how the author reconciles that discrepancy in their mind.

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    Whatever happened to not talking politics & religion on the first date? Problem is, with liberals, their politics has become their religion.

      Muck Ficon: Politics are scary!

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    She'd have to be super hot to make it past question 3.

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    And I'm the bad guy for wanting to fire up the ovens.

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    Never read something that has so many words in I don't know the meaning of.

    And, quite frankly, I don't want to know.
    Quote Originally Posted by MumblesBadly View Post
    "So, yeah. I'm definitely a total fucking retard".
    Quote Originally Posted by Gene Hunt
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    1. Do you believe that Black Lives Matter?

    Only if they play for the Cardinals.

    2. What are your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation?

    Look between your legs & poof, problem solved.

    3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life?

    Find 'em, fuck 'em, forget 'em.

    4. What are your thoughts on sex work?

    Asians are the best.

    5. Are you a supporter of the BDS movement?

    Say what? I'm getting bored. let's fuck before that Happy Meal wears off.

    6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights?

    The only good Indian is a dead Indian.

    7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative?

    So what if it is.

    8. Can any human be illegal?


    9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries?

    Not anymore. Better safe than sorry.

    10. Does your allyship include disabled folks?

    That's it, you're walking home you homely bitch.

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    Deleted 44 shitposts in this thread and banned BLACKDANIELS and garebear from it.


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