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Thread: Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 07/03/12 - One Hairy Situation

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    Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 07/03/12 - One Hairy Situation

    The three hosts discuss and debate the Matt Marafioti situation where he Twitter-tilted after breaking up with Lauren Kling, making lots of serious and crude accusations against her, including the presence of hair where it doesn't belong. We talk about the One Drop $1,000,000 buyin tournament, both the event itself (which concluded with a winner during the show) and the weird satellite that was won by Shaun Deeb and Gus Hansen. Ken Scalir checks in and recalls a lot of stories from his past with Druff. Vwls interviews user LLL, an admitted lover of transsexuals. Beebs9Dizzle, who apparently really needs the prize money, calls in to play "Older or Younger Than Druff", despite not knowing any of the poker players being compared. We discuss Ray Bitar's surrendering to the US government, and what that means going forward. Todd Brunson's controversial tweets about Annie Duke are discussed. We reveal the surprising and ill-advised new name of the Station Casinos' online poker site. Druff and Brandon talk about their plans for the upcoming Bracelet Bounty Event and WSOP Main Event. Alvin Finklestein avenges a real Vegas shakedown that occurred against Brandon on Monday night, doubling a hilarious phone call into a legitimate complaint against a greedy employee.

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