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Thread: The news the MSM ignores because it does not fit the narrative

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    So Sara's on trial for fraud because of 100k in meals, facing 5 years jail wtf.

    Bibi's strong arming us out of billions if not trillions and they're sweating her for peanuts, it just seems petty.
    I wonder if she isn't driving him crazy, sounds likes an entitled out of control feminist.

    Pause @ 18 sec. mark hahaha

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    Real immigration numbers.

    Yale: There's twice as many illegals than we're told SHOCKER

    >22 million illegal

    > refugees column is what they tell the Goy and HIAS puts on a big show and cries bloody murder.
    Name:  Capture winning.PNG
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    >Then you find out all those other categories aren't added to the total.
    Asylum seekers and all kinds of other groups are hidden from Americans.

    So that's the total number? Nope not even close.

    2017's numbers are in
    >21,588 told to Goy
    754,700 actual new US citizens

    X 1000
    1.1 million new us citizens in 2016
    Name:  Capture ALL COUNTRIES.PNG
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    >Under trump Mexican numbers are slashed

    >Now we get most of our refugees from Dem rep of Congo and when chain migration kicks in in about ten yrs that total rise exponentially.

    Speaking of Congo, just found this gem.
    Israel to Expel all Congolese by January 2019 as Test Case to Deport All Africans

    The Hypocrisy is astonishing

    Warning to Australia
    The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique, Part 1 of 5

    Yep Trump did nothing to immigration but add more Africans and Muslims and less Mexicans.
    That is text book GOP, plaster their supporters in diarrhea blaaaaaa in your face.

    On behalf of all white countries
    Thanks Jews
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    >So the white Serbs got sick of living with Nazi allied Muslim terrorists and they tried to break free.

    >Albright and every Jew in the Clinton admin and the MSM pounced and made up major league lies so they could slaughter these white people.

    >Unlike Muslim countries we attack for ZOG, the Serb civilians were fair game, NATO carpet bombed around the clock, hospitals, schools everything. It was the type of Jewish blood orgy that Albright orgasms to as blood comes out of her eyes. You should see what it looked like, MSM hid it.

    >Albright starved to death half a million Iraqi children up behind a pack of lies. You should see what that looked like, MSM hid it.

    >Now Albright wants the two group she had so much fun slaughtering to be forced to live together, why?

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    Does Amaya gaming support white genocide?
    I wouldn't play on any of their affiliates.

    The commander of NATO who led the slaughter was none other than Wesley Clark. On the record, he's an anti white racist.

    Because of the Paradise papers leak we find out Wesley Clark advised Amaya Gaming.

    Why was his role hidden, was this a reward for his role in the slaughter?

    Amaya's David Baazov and Wesley Clark birds of a feather...

    Fuck Amaya, fuck Pokerstars fuck David Baazov and fuck Wesley Clark.

    Shout out to magic612

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    I don't remember this in history class.

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    Amber Alert! Name:  1539707138876s.jpg
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    White girl was kidnapped by Somali Muslims in the town of Barren in northern Wisconsin. Her parents were killed in their home. Her name is Jayme Closs. She was last spotted in Miami Florida with the kidnappers, black Ford explorer license plate WI I60WER between NW27th St Ave and 11 ST.

    There is a reward for both the police and close friends.

    No doubt David Milliband Madelaine Albright Wesley Clark and all the rest of their crew eare having a toast. This is their goal, this is why they do what they do. Don't ever let them pretend they didn't know what would happen.

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    Comrades the Bolshevik Star shines bright red with a steady diet of Goy blood, long live Israel!

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    Israel's mowing the lawn, they're savages thru n thru.
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    Using them to practice their various weapons and crowd control systems.

    They sure like to practice enslaving people, hmmm.

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    Russia's Sept 11

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    Canadrunk limitles's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Bubbles & The Baron
    I'm the last to ask for someone to be banned but
    Russia is well past due date

    Simply sick
    Nothing is more obvious today than the single inability of capital and private enterprise to take care of themselves unaided by the state; they are all the while besieging legislatures for relief from their own incompetency, and "pleading the baby act" through a trained body of lawyers and lobbyists.

    Lester Frank Ward

    "When people see some things as good, other things become bad"
    Lao Tzu

    Asked if he had every prayed, christopher Hitchens replied
    "once, for a hardon"

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    In honor of John Bolton recco'ing we withdraw from nuclear treaties w Russia.
    Good watch

    Isn't it weird how Trump ran against the Neocon Wars and here we are, same traitors (Pompeo Bolton etc) lying out their ass about everything.
    You really need to step back to see how hard we're getting fucked.

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    Have you seen this caravan heading for the border, as if that's a grassroots effort.
    Hey Goy Trump will keep you safe from immigrants, just don't mention the hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants.

    Oops forgot about the logo on the truck haha.
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    You can go to the Daily Stormer to see the vid.
    That's i'm going to vote and vote dem this election and I'm going to remind everyone what the real immigration numbers are and that the GOP's fucking em up the ass.

    It was funny on one of the POLs an immigrant was wearing a pro female leadership shirt. I forgot the slogan but it was from the hardcore feminist sect.

    Edit: Wait if Dems win then we get a new cold war up behind pure bullshit and Pres Mike Pence, ty Citizens United.

    So be it, lets do war w Russia and Iran and completely open the borders, lets make our masters proud.
    Les can i be your friend now?
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    Living under tyranny.
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    You guys want to help me think of a catchy name for the movement to phase out Holocaust reparations?
    Since the Germans can't speak for themselves.

    It's the right thing to do and the whole world knows it.

    As if Israel isn't kicking every African out of their country, ntm the shit that went on under communism and the shit happening daily in Gaza.

    The Jewish people have done really well for themselves, enough.

    Edit: A few hours later: cricket sounds bleeep... bleeep...bleeep... lol

    Seriously tho, it's the right thing to do.
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    Blaming everything on the modern Hitler and ignoring who really calls the shots.

    About as sincere as her Christmas song special (yes she did) but effective propaganda to fire up women voters.

    Factoid: Her brother wanted to become an Israeli citizen but they denied him because he like some Christian group on FB.
    I'm sure his Asian wife didn't help either, the hypocrisy and racism is astonishing

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    Like almost every other alt right forum and website TDS is a Jewish front group.
    What's unique about TDS is as a rule they use over the top racial slurs as often as possible. Hmm why would they do that.
    Post retarded shit like swastikas
    Gives interview to Israeli media
    and gets retweeted by Bibi's son
    the other owner is a confirmed Jew with a real Swastika tattoo. He also created the poster above LOL
    Name:  1484476685966.png
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    Idgaf about all that, they have some interesting and unique content and Weeve is an interesting dude but you can tell they're pro Trump shills.

    Why would Jews want to shift the Israel haters to the right?

    Name:  PP.01.22.18_IsrealPalestinePartisanship_feature.png
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    Wtf you think i'm some Nazi or Israeli who wants a racially pure ethnostate, lol. I just want chain migration repealed before we become Somalia and to have a representative govt.

    Until then i'm calling out Israel and Jews for all their BS, it's fucked up what they're doing.

    Shooting unarmed Arab kids, medics and journalists all the fucking time.

    Starving countries, having the US attack countries up behind some bullshit.

    Kicking out all the Africans and then preaching to the rest of world the wonders of multiculturalism and how it's racist
    not to accept refugees.

    Lol it's like the fucking twilight zone.
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