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Thread: Attorney accused of stealing $400k from clients in attempt to become pro poker player

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    Attorney accused of stealing $400k from clients in attempt to become pro poker player

    Robert Searfoss III from Ohio was an attorney who wasn't happy with his career, and he wanted to become a pro poker player. Apparently his law firm went belly up due to debt (either from lack of work or chunking off all his $ gambling -- I'm guessing the latter), so he allegedly stole $400k from a husband-and-wife pair of clients, whose trust he was managing.

    His wife testified that he lied about the success of the law firm, and then finally broke it to her that he wanted to be a poker pro.

      splitthis: KT was his paralegal

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    they deleted it already lol.....adios pal... he lost his mind. Get better soon Druff...

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    It has always seemed to me that prison should mostly be designed for violent criminals (floggings followed by long prison sentences or the death penalty in some cases). There are creative ways to handle cases like this that can result in serious punishment plus total, or at least partial reimbursement to the victims. The victims may in this case be either his clients or the bar association reimbursement fund, and possibly both. Get him a cheap $100+/week room with a very modest food, clothing, transportation, and toiletries allowance. This would be paid for by the job that the state would help him get by insuring the hiring company against any possible financial chicanery by him. We're probably talking about something like a local delivery van driver, warehouse worker, or uber driver. Any money above his living expenses would go directly to his victims until everyone is made whole or he dies, whichever comes first. You can always hold the threat of prison over his head.

    Remember the corrections worker fajitas thief who got 50 years and will cost the state to take care of without the chance of reimbursement for the $million+ that he stole?

    Let him keep his state job and set him up with the same modest living situation as the lawyer. Confiscate any money he earns above his expenses and return it to the state of Texas that he stole from. You're always holding 50 years of prison time over his head.

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