This sub-forum is the main reason I opened up PokerFraudAlert.

I want a one-stop place on the web where people can learn about all of the current (and past) scams, scandals, and cheats happening within the poker community.

Your reports will never be censored here. We will never "protect" any companies or individuals. If someone or something wronged you, feel free to post all the details here!

We will invite and encourage the accused to respond here. You are also welcome to copy-and-paste any responses given on other forums. Don't worry if your posts here duplicate things you've posted elsewhere. This is really the only forum dedicated to putting all of these types of threads in one place, so it's important that the readers here know your story!

The one thing I'd like to ask is that you stick to credible reports.

What do I mean by credible?

I mean I don't want to read, "My cousin's friend told me that he thinks John Smith colludes with Mike Jones at the big game at the Aria."

I also don't want to read about a bunch of speculative accusations regarding "rigged" poker sites stacking the deck against you. I'm not saying that this is impossible, but it's more likely that you either just ran bad or aren't as good as you think you are. Unless you have some sort of reasonable-looking proof (other than "OMG I lost aces all 7 times last night!!!"), I don't want to see that stuff in this forum.

These are the types of things I would like to see here:

- Poker sites closing accounts unjustly and/or without proper proof of wrongdoing
- Poker sites slowpaying or not paying at all
- Poker sites reneging on promotion promises, or unjustly removing money from your account
- Live poker rooms charging hidden fees, showing blatant favortism to other players, or doing anything else shady
- Individuals in poker who are either scamming people or habitually borrowing money while misrepresenting their ability to pay back
- Live tournaments that aren't what they appear on the surface
- Any other firsthand experience you have being cheated or screwed by someone or something in poker

Please do NOT troll in this forum. Anyone who tries to ruin this forum with crap will be banned or suspended.

I will be posting a lot of content myself, in order to get things kicked off here.

Stay tuned.