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Thread: Official Binion's (Horseshoe) Downtown Las Vegas Stories Thread

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    Seems most everybody really liked Benny Binion too except for his enemies, and it was very stupid to become his enemy. He turned into an evil icon if you fucked with his money.

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    Can't really go around being a gangster outside of snapchat. Which one roughed up stupak and which stupak? I had a friend who caught a limo somehow with stupak jr. I forget who it was though.

    I need to go to pieros if it's still open. Once I was staying in the Riviera and completely pickled. I'd been pickpocketed at strip club earlier in the night and hadn't even realized it yet. I went to 24 hr cafe and There were these two obvious Italian dudes talking about how all that Mafia s*** doesn't exist anymore and you cant get jobs anywhere. I forget the words they were using but they looked over me and saw that I was drunk as f*** and sort of talked freely. Only time I felt near that world.

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