Jacob nuttall is always scamming Facebook poker forums. Stole over 200 of my bet coin chips and lucked 2nd place in a $44 4K gtd same night and just withdrew all of it for himself. He even had a douchebag reference lie for him the whole time in Facebook messenger.

Neal lee weilacher betcoin scam artist. He still owes me a little over $200.

Rmoney23. Ryanj123. Rumadbro2323. He’s The America’s most wanted of online poker scams on wpn skins. Owes me over $575 plus from always busting out of mtt’s. Watch out for this mofo he’s gonna scam up for the 12 million dollar Sunday’s first 12 Sunday’s of 2018.

Michael reed who had a profile picture of online poker tables got into a facebook poker group and immediately scammed someone by saying I referred him or must have logged into my Facebook to do it before I setup 2 factor authentication; just happened less than 4 days ago. What a mofo!

No consequences for them besides an occasional reversal of funds depending on how they got the money is why these bastards are such horrible people I figure. Just thought I’d tell some of the horror stories so at least these 4 guys might get banned eventually.