If you were listening to sports radio this morning or possibly watching the TV simulcast you might have noticed something wrong this morning.. Boomer Esiason was on the radio with a sub co-host this morning.. Ironic Boomer was left out of the loops as well assuming his co-host had called in sick to work feeling under the weather when apparently his producer in his headphones told him the truth.. Apparently Boomer paused and then said "Apparently Carton has been arrested by the FBI and not sick"

The FBI said Craig Carton earned a pair of silver bracelets for a massive $5.6 MILLION dollar sports ticket fraud which included a Ponzi Scheme as well for such major acts such as Katy Perry and others.. Now for the reason for his fraudulent schemes.. Carton was/is a massive gambling degenerate and was using the proceeds to pay off casinos and "third parties" (better known as LOAN SHARKS and BOOKIES). Carton was apparently grabbed by the FBI at his house around 345am this morning when he was about to leave to go to work.. The crux was Carton claimed to be taking investors money (per the SEC) that he had access to tons of face value tickets from venues per agreements that never existed. Carton had a co-conspirator Micheal Wright of Upper Saddle River, NJ.. Both men were released after posting $500k bond and surrendering their passports.

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